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Two nurses walk and talk inside a hospital

Supporting the team

We support the everyday heroes at Evelina London – nurses, porters, researchers, doctors, play specialists, surgeons and everyone else!

From comfy seats for tired feet in our ‘wellbeing zones’ to cutting-edge training, we’re proud to support the amazing Evelina London team.

Female staff member in full PPE

Together, we’re boosting staff wellbeing

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the devoted Evelina London team have been under unimaginable pressure, working tirelessly to continue providing remarkable care for children and their families.

Together, we helped create Wellbeing Zones – calming spaces where the team can rest and recharge or decompress after a tough shift. 

We also funded a comprehensive psychological and spiritual support package. This has been tailored to take care of the ongoing physical, mental and emotional health of the diverse Evelina London team.

“I really believe spaces like this not only help support our wellbeing, but it’s also really nice to just feel valued for the job we do.”

Roisin Fitzsimons, Head of the Nightingale Academy and Consultant Nurse
Male Evelina staff with equipment

Together, we fund pioneering training

Evelina London is one of the UK’s leading hospitals for children with heart problems. To help maintain that reputation, we’re making sure the expert team can train on the latest technology.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we helped fund the Heartworks Simulator – an innovative piece of kit that staff use for practising heart scans on children. The simulator produces highly accurate imaging allowing training doctors to learn what to look for in heart diagnosis.

“The simulator allows us to fast-track trainees towards a vital practical skill. It’s one of the things that makes our actual care better and faster."

John Simpson, Professor of Paediatric and Fetal Cardiology
Welcome to Sky PICU desk with staff member in PPE

Together, we listen to what's really needed

Sky Ward  at Evelina London takes a pioneering approach to treating children with heart problems. The unique design combines plenty of space with the latest facilities in a bright, friendly environment. 

What’s more, the Evelina London team were involved in the whole process, helping design the ward to make it more comfortable for children, their families, and the teams who work there. This meant creating a playroom and a parents’ room  to help support the needs of cardiac and intensive care families.

‘It’s really important to have designated spaces for staff so they can step off the ward, get refreshed and relaxed, and come back ready to care for the patients,’ says Rhian Lakhani, Sky Ward matron. We’re so proud that we helped fund Sky Ward, creating a comfortable and comforting space for everyone.

Two female members of hospital staff

Help us lift up the Evelina London team

We’re inspired by the expert Evelina London team, and the devotion they show each and every day in caring for children and their families. Together, we can make sure they get the care and training they need to keep doing such an amazing job.