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Male hospital workers holds VR headset

Exploring new approaches

We’re thrilled to help the imaginative Evelina London team develop new technologies and support world-leading innovations.

We’re exploring even more ways to bring their passion, curiosity and creativity to life so they can realise the future.

VR headset

Together, we’re making virtual reality a reality

Virtual reality (VR) isn’t just for computer games – it can also help us discover new ways to improve treatments. Your donations helped the expert Evelina London team develop a VR system that projects images to look like a real, beating heart.

“This means surgeons and cardiologists can ‘walk through’ the heart to see it from all angles, which is currently impossible,” says John Simpson, Professor of Paediatric and Fetal Cardiology.

Using this VR technology, the team can investigate how to treat even the most complex heart problems in babies and children. It will also be used to train other team members, and teach families about their child’s condition, too.

Our expert orthopaedic team are also using virtual reality. Research by the amazing team on these headsets has also shown that by enjoying a VR adventure it could reduce anxiety in children, helping to improve their hospital experience and ease young minds.

Boy smiles with staff around him

Together, we’re making leaps in research

Our incredible family of supporters helped to fund pioneering new clinical research facilities at the hospital. These invaluable new facilities mean the expert Evelina London team can explore and discover new ways to treat and care for children with conditions like epilepsy, neuromuscular conditions, sickle cell disease and allergies, in the UK and around the world.

This world-leading research environment is helping children like Freddie (pictured). He has been cared for by Evelina London since he was born after being diagnosed with achondroplasia – a condition that restricts his growth.

“Freddie is the reason we do the research,’ says Dr Ming Lim, Research and Development Lead. “Every child that we see, like Freddie, will contribute to and directly benefit from our research rich environment.”

"When we go to Evelina London, it’s like our second home. The research team are working on trials to help children like Freddie be more independent. One day, it might help my grandchildren and great-grandchildren."

Monica, Freddie’s mum
Small baby

Together, we’re at the heart of innovation

Evelina London is the only hospital in the UK using 3D MRI scans to help diagnose heart problems in unborn babies (yes – still in the womb!). 

This ground-breaking tech is already being used by our expert medical team in fetal cardiology, giving them the vital information they need to make sure babies get the right treatment from the moment they are born. 

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All this exciting research and pioneering equipment is only made possible thanks to your support. Every time you climb, jump, sing, bake or donate, you help us transform the future of care at Evelina London – for children and the Evelina London team.