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Baby with Wee Sight Device

Leaps in innovation

We help Evelina London invest in the latest equipment and pioneering technology that pushes the boundaries of treatment and care.

From world first heart surgeries to ground-breaking spinal equipment, we support the pioneering Evelina London team to provide remarkable care.

Gracie with her Mum and Dad

Together, we bring parents closer to their babies

It’s really hard for loved ones to be away from babies who are born prematurely. But thanks to a brilliant video app, funded by generous donations, we are able to help parents whisper a soothing good night.

The video technology means parents and carers stay connected to their baby, as the Evelina London team sends them regular updates and pictures.  Older brothers and sisters, and of course the grandparents, can record themselves reading a story, which is played to the baby.

The innovative app, vCreate, was especially helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic when visits to hospitals were restricted to keep vulnerable patients safe. It meant parents like Lucy and Grant could still feel close to baby Gracie (pictured), even if they couldn’t be there in person.

"When I saw a picture of her asleep and settled, it gave me the reassurance that she was okay."

Lucy, Gracie's mum
Matilda with the WeeSight

Together, we help make injections easier

When babies and very young children are sick and need injections, it can be difficult for the team to find a vein because they’re so small. And that can be distressing for babies and their parents.

But with the support of our Evelina London family, we helped buy some innovative illuminating equipment that glows through hands and arms to help the team find tiny veins.

This cutting-edge solution is painless and harmless, and lots of children love looking at their glowing fingers! Like Matilda (pictured), who needs regular intravenous treatment at Evelina London.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Royal Philips 

“It’s reassuring for everyone when the equipment is used. Seeing needles inserted into Matilda so often can be really stressful but with the help of the lights and scanners the process is much faster and smoother.”

Meghan, Matilda's mum
Two female hospital workers in full PPE speaking about something on clipboard

Together, we make treatment more precise

The number of spinal operations that take place at Evelina London is growing every year, and thanks to our amazing supporters, we helped buy an essential piece of equipment that can make them easier, faster, and safer. 

It’s important that children stay completely still during delicate spinal surgery and the Jackson Table helps keep them perfectly in line, from head to toe. Without the table, it could take a long time to get them into the right position, while 360° imaging means the team can always keep a close eye on what’s happening. 

Evelina London provides spinal services for children from across south-east England and beyond. Many of these children can find even walking up stairs painful and too difficult to do. But thanks to donations, we’re able to fund equipment like the Jackson Table and transform children’s lives. 

Baby Gracie with her Mum and Dad

Join our family and do something amazing

Every day our ever-growing family of supporters are helping Evelina London provide incredible care. 

Our Evelina London family rallies around to raise vital funds to invest in the latest MRI technology to scan babies’ hearts while still in the womb.