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Freddie, pointing and smiling

Compassionate, trailblazing care

Everyone who experiences the wonderful care of Evelina London knows the compassion that the team brings.

From nurturing tiny newborns to making hospital feel more like home, we help make incredible things happen every day at Evelina London.

Girl sits up in hospital bed and speaks to staff member in PPE

Together, we love to see children play

For children and their families, a visit to hospital can be a scary experience. But thanks to our incredible supporters, we have been able to support the amazing Evelina London play team in their care for children and young people.

Exciting, multi-sensory units mean young children can enjoy bedside magic, music and adventures. The vibrant, colourful and stimulating mobile units help infants explore their senses and help a stay in hospital feel a little more normal.

Being part of the Evelina London family means you can help support the energising power of playtime for every child in our care.

“George is only here today because of the specialist treatment at Evelina London. When you are in a lost place Evelina London comes and gives you hope.”

Hannah, George’s mum
Snow leopard room at Evelina with soft purple and green stools, large windows and comfy looking benches.

Together, we help create a home from home

Snow Leopard ward provides a sanctuary for families and a space for children to play and discover toys that can make them wiggle and giggle! It’s quiet too, giving everyone some precious time together.

It’s a warm, bright and wonderful place created just for families. With generous donations from supporters, it was built for children who need specialist equipment to help with their breathing.

Parents and carers also get advice from the expert Evelina London team to help them prepare for going home as a family.



“Children learn through play; it’s what their world is all about. When we bring the sensory unit to the bed, their parents’ faces beam. It’s priceless to the children who are using it and to their parents.”

Retired Senior Play Specialist at Evelina London
Teenage girl sitting on a gym floor with a group of other girls. She is smiling, wearing a bright yellow shirt, raising her hand.

Together, we change the game in sport

We are part of a family that helps children go to the Evelina London sports camp, where they can dance, box, sail, bat, throw or kick a ball as high or as far as they can.

The camp is a great way for children with disabilities to have fun while they exercise, try new activities, and grow their confidence.

Tony Hudgell with his family in a park

Together, we can do amazing things

Every day our ever-growing family of supporters are helping Evelina London provide compassionate transformative care.

Every donation means we can fund innovationinvest in the latest equipment or provide much needed support for the Evelina London team.