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Alfie at home smiling

We want you to meet Alfie

When Alfie was born, he needed life-saving treatment immediately after birth. He was without oxygen for over 20 minutes when he was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit at Evelina London where he was stabilised.

Alfie was only breathing with the help of a ventilator and Dr Tan was unable to say with certainty whether Alfie would survive the coming days.

Alfie had suffered HIE (hypoxic-ischaemic-encephalopathy), which happens when the brain is starved of oxygen. Alfie had to receive 72 hours of therapeutic cooling therapy, which is when the whole body, including the brain, is cooled down, to prevent the condition from worsening.

“Our belief is that this treatment saved his life.”

Alfie's Mum and Dad

Alfie then had an MRI scan, the results of which confirmed that Alfie had severe, irreversible brain damage which would affect Alfie mentally and physically.

From this moment on the family was taking things one day at a time.


“Whenever we visit Evelina London we feel a sense of comfort, almost like we are at home. Despite the seriousness of Alfie’s condition, particularly in the earlier days, we have always felt safe and supported by all in the hospital. This includes the whole Evelina London family, the nurses, doctors, consultants, registrars, reception staff, and anybody else we may have come across.”

Mum and Dad
Alfie and his sister Charlotte hugging at home

Fast forward to this year and Alfie will be turning five years old!

He is still very close with his sister, Charlotte and enjoys playing, watching her theatrical performances in the living room, and listening to her read him a story.  He really likes his physical play such as bouncing, jumping and rolling!

He goes to school where his favourite things to do include swimming and bowling. His school are also working with him to give him choices, by using switch buttons so Alfie can communicate a preference.

From nurturing tiny newborns to making the hospital feel more like home, we help make incredible things happen every day at Evelina London.


Thanks to amazing people like you we are able to help Evelina London continue to do some seriously amazing things.