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Young boy smiles with open arms

Going the extra mile for children and families with our new research wards

Our family of supporters are helping staff make leaps and bounds in their research that will help children for decades to come. Children like Freddie, who has achondroplasia, a condition that restricts his growth. 

Monica and her seven-year-old son Freddie have been a part of the Evelina London family since before Freddie was born. With all the care and support Monica and Freddie have had along the way, Freddie’s not been held back by any of the complications associated with his condition.

“When Freddie was diagnosed with achondroplasia, when I was 34 weeks pregnant, I had never heard of it. It was all very new to us, but the wonderful Dr Melita Irving and her team have supported us ever since.”

Monica, Freddie’s mum

“Freddie is a lovely boy with tons of confidence that I am very proud to call my son!  His condition definitely doesn’t define him.”

Together with the trailblazing team at Evelina London, they’ve been exploring new ways to help Freddie be more independent.

Thanks to our amazing supporters, in 2020 we helped open two new wards dedicated to research at the hospital. These wards will enable the imaginative team to take on bigger and bolder research about even more conditions affecting children at Evelina London.


“When we go to Evelina London, it’s like our second home.”

Monica, Freddie’s mum

“Freddie is taking part in a trial led by Dr Melita Irving,” explains his mum, Monica. ‘We have appointments every three months to check his growth. One day maybe it will help my grandchildren and great grandchildren too,” adds Monica.

The supporter-funded research facility helps the amazing Evelina London staff push forward and strive for better treatments for children with conditions like epilepsy, neuromuscular conditions, sickle cell disease and allergies. And with every breakthrough, the Evelina London family aren’t just helping children like Freddie all around the world, but countless more children in the future.

“Of course, Freddie is the reason we do the research,” says Dr Ming Lim, clinical lead at the facilities. “Every child that we see, like Freddie, will contribute to and directly benefit from our research rich environment.”

Boy smiles with staff around him

Join our ever-growing family, and together we can help the amazing Evelina London team to discover and explore new treatments for children and young people with mobility, allergies and skin conditions.