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Tony and family outside

Tony Hudgell’s trailblazing first steps

The incredible Tony Hudgell inspired the nation to raise £1.6m for Evelina London, his second home.

His remarkable journey will have a huge impact on not only the Evelina London family, but children and young people in communities across the south east.

It’s a journey that started when Tony was just weeks old and was brought to Evelina London’s A&E department. With his little life hanging in the balance, the phenomenal hospital team fought to save Tony. And thanks to their compassionate care and pioneering expertise, Tony went from strength to strength.

When Tony was four years old, he had to have both his legs amputated. Amazingly, while he was learning to walk on his prosthetic legs, he decided to raise money for the people who were caring for him.

Inspired by Captain Tom, Tony set out to raise five hundred pounds by walking 10km on his new legs. Twelve kilometres and £1.6 million later, his amazing efforts mean together we can help even more children like him.

“We’re so happy to be able to give something back to the incredible hospital that saved Tony's life. I could not be prouder of our boy, his strength, determination, smiley and cheeky personality that brightens our every day. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.”   

Paula, Tony’s mum

Tony’s lasting impact

The dedicated hospital team will work with community services to provide rehabilitation therapies in towns and villages across south east England, taking care to children and families where they need it.

We’ve also been able to buy some pioneering new equipment to help the Evelina London orthopaedics team:

  • Virtual reality headsets will help explain surgery to children and make them feel less anxious before hospital procedures.
  • Special orthopaedic software linked to 3D printers will help the team to plan and perform delicate surgeries in children with complex injuries.
  • A 3D camera system in operating theatres will help train more surgeons to perform rare and complex surgeries, not only at Evelina London but across the UK

Two years on, Tony’s incredible effort has already made such an impact at Evelina London. So much so that the team who looked after Tony have put together a short film to say thank you for everything he’s done for us.

“I cannot find enough words to show how proud I am of all that Tony has achieved, He is a huge inspiration, not just to his peers, but to all of us. He will always have a very special place in our hearts.”

Mr Kokkinakis, Tony’s surgeon and friend

Join our Evelina London family, and together we can do amazing things.

If you have been inspired by Tony’s remarkable journey you can show your support by making a donation to Tony’s fund.

He may have inspired you to go on your own journey. So why not create your own challenge?

Because when you leap, sing, walk, run, bake, or climb you help the Evelina London team give more children like Tony the care they need every step of the way.