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April and Baby Margot reading a book

Creating a home from home

Bringing your new-born baby home is an incredible experience. Those first few days and weeks, when new families create that wonderful warm and comforting bubble, are such a special time.

However, for some families, like April, Stuart and baby Margot, their first days and weeks feel like limbo, as they face a long stay in hospital.

But with your help, the incredible neonatal team will be able to create a home from home for them at Evelina London.

baby Margot unexpectedly arrived 17 weeks premature

In May 2022, baby Margot unexpectedly arrived 17 weeks premature, weighing only 1lb 3oz. Mum April said: “When I went into labour prematurely, it was a huge shock for us. Margot was delivered at our local hospital and was eventually transferred for specialist care at Evelina London.

“Margot needed emergency surgery to repair her bowel. However, when we arrived she was so poorly, the emergency surgery took place on the neonatal intensive care unit as there wasn’t time to transfer her to a theatre. They saved her life.” 

This was the start of a long stay at the hospital for Stuart and April, whose lives had been turned upside down. “We didn’t know this world existed until we were just thrown into it,” recalls Stuart. “It was incredibly daunting and overwhelming at times.” 

But the amazing neonatal team were there for them every step of the way.
“We were on the unit for four months and the staff became our family,” says Stuart. “They taught us how to care for Margot, and made us experts in caring for a premature baby.” 

“They got Margot through something we never thought she could get through, but they got us through it too.”

April, Margot's mum

Birth trauma and the complications that follow can cause a lot of stress for parents. Even if they know their baby is getting incredible round the clock care, they are still coming to terms with the difficulties they’ve faced and may be worried about what lies ahead. This is why the care and support the devoted team give to parents like Stuart and April is so important, to look after their wellbeing and help nurture their family.  

But the team need your help to be able to provide this care in a more welcoming, homely environment where exhausted parents can escape from hospital life, with alarms going off, and machines buzzing and beeping relentlessly. A peaceful sanctuary where they can recharge after days and nights of worrying, and just do everything they would normally do like eat, socialise, and even work. 

Stuart says, “It would have been great to have somewhere a bit more relaxing to go. A comfortable room with sofas where you can actually unwind.” 

A donation today will help to transform the neonatal unit at Evelina London, and create more “relaxing” spaces that offer an oasis of calm for families like Stuart, April and Margot. Somewhere they can work through difficult emotions; where they can heal, bond, and prepare to go home. 

“Margot has come on in leaps and bounds, and she’s doing really well. I can never thank the amazing Evelina London team enough for all the support they’ve given our family.”

April, Margot's Mum

Help us create a home from home at Evelina London for families like April, Stuart and Margot.