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Nurturing precious bonds

Tiny babies, like Blake, are often too poorly or too premature to breastfeed. But with the help of the amazing neonatal team at Evelina London, mums like Eleanor are supported to express vital milk and nurture their little ones.

When Blake was born 16 weeks premature, he weighed just 690 grams and needed round-the-clock intensive care

The first time his mum Eleanor saw her tiny baby, he was in an incubator surrounded by machines. 

“I just sat there holding his hand from 9pm until 2 in the morning,” says Eleanor. “Then one of the lovely nurses showed me how to collect my milk into tiny syringes – it was such a small amount but looking back, it was gold.” 

With the support of the dedicated neonatal team, Eleanor began regularly expressing breast milk for Blake and – when he was stronger – physically breastfeeding. This also helped them create the special bond mums have with their babies. “It may not have been the way I wanted to begin my breastfeeding journey, but it felt really empowering after everything we’ve been through,” Eleanor says. 

“Sometimes I look at him and I’m just so proud of how far he’s come.” 

Eleanor, Blake's mum

During their stay at Evelina London, Eleanor would usually express milk on the unit next to Blake, because she felt more connected to him. But sometimes she needed to go somewhere for a break, away from the sound of the ventilators working away. 

The neonatal unit does have a dedicated room where mums can express milk, or breastfeed their babies. But this room doesn’t have any windows, and is in desperate need of an upgrade to make it a less isolating and more welcoming space for mums.  

Together, we can help  provide an even better experience for mums like Eleanor, who are dealing with the challenges of nurturing a premature baby. 

“Having somewhere tranquil to express, away from all the machines constantly beeping, would help put new mums at ease.” says Eleanor

With your support, we can help create a calm, inviting space where mums can express or breastfeed in peace, and connect with others going through the same experiences. 

Your support can help create a calming space for new mums


“There’s so much emotion for mums when it comes to feeding their baby milk. Will you help us provide them with the relaxing and peaceful space they need to nurture their child?”

Jenny Michel, Neonatal Sister
Eleanor and baby Blake

Help mums like Eleanor create the most special of bonds with their tiny babies