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Maryam, Mia and Ewan

Bringing families together

The precious first moments between parents and their new-born baby create an everlasting bond. Moments that not only bring them together as a family, but which are so important for the baby’s long-term health and wellbeing.

For some new families, like Maryam, Ewan and baby Mia, that initial bonding time isn’t possible.

But Evelina London’s incredible neonatal team is there to help to give families the best possible start to their lives together.

A terrifying experience

“Mia arrived on 29 November 2021, weighing just 4lbs 8oz,” says mum Maryam. “We were pushing her cot through the ward when we noticed she had gone stiff, grey and was foaming at the mouth. I was terrified that something horrible was happening.”

Dad Ewan shouted for help and baby Mia was quickly taken to the neonatal intensive care unit for specialist care. Tests showed Mia had suffered a choking incident, but she also had jaundice and a brain scan discovered some small cysts.

Caring for mums and dads

Over the next few days Mia recovered and an MRI revealed the cysts were harmless. But seeing Mia so ill had a profound effect on Maryam and Ewan, who were anxious about how to look after her. “That’s when the amazing care began to shift from focusing not only on Mia, but on us too,” says Ewan. “They really were there for us as a family.”

“We were taught all the basics of how to look after a tiny baby. It really helped us as a family.”

Ewan, Mia's Dad

Maryam and Ewan were supported to care for such a small baby; how to breastfeed Mia, change her nappy and even how to hold her properly. Maryam says, “It was so empowering. Lots of little bits of advice that all added up to giving me the confidence that I knew what I was doing.”

Ewan adds, “We were taught how to bath Mia, put her in a travel seat, how to swaddle her – all the basics of how to look after a new baby. When it was time to leave, we felt comfortable and ready to take Mia home.”

Transforming families experience of care 

The amazing neonatal team are there for parents every step of the way. But they want to be able to go even further for them, because they are passionate about transforming families’ experience of care.

With your support, together we can help them create an even better environment for new parents like Maryam and Ewan – a sanctuary where they can not only learn how to care for their baby, but also deal with the unexpected trauma they have faced.

Elaine Wood, Neonatal Sister at Evelina London

“Having a baby on the neonatal unit is often unexpected and overwhelming for mums and dads. Will you help us go even further to ease some of their anxiety and enable them to feel like parents?”

Elaine Wood, Neonatal Sister

Help families like Mia, Maryam and Ewan create precious moments together