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Image of the entrance to the Children

Together, we’re transforming care in a day

Your donations helped fund the Children’s Day Surgery Unit in the Children’s Day Treatment Centre, providing vital surgery for children and young people. A year since it opened, we’re celebrating its incredible impact so far.

Image of a corridor in the Children

Opened in July 2023, the innovative unit was built to meet the ever-changing needs of our community, meaning more children can get vital care when they need it most.

Home to two state-of-the-art operating theatres, the Unit has treated 2,100 patients in the year since it opened.  The unit is also home to pioneering technology, such as a charity-funded 3D printer, which means the incredible surgical team can plan and practice surgery before they enter the operating room.

An amazing 94% of families felt very well looked after by the incredible team at the Children’s Day Surgery Unit. And every family felt they were sent home at the right time. We’re proud to support Evelina London to keep doing amazing things for families.

Image of Tony Hudgell viewing the Children

To help every patient have the best possible experience of healthcare, the Children’s Day Surgery Unit has been shaped by children and young people. Funded by Evelina London Children’s Charity, the unit incorporates art throughout, designed to distract from anxious feelings and support the best possible delivery of care.

Children submitted space-themed artwork as part of a creative competition to inspire the final designs. The Evelina London team worked with Art in Site and Japanese manga artist Kiriko Kubo to bring the space theme to life, with characters depicting journeys through space. The theme will help guide and support patients through their day, with snippets of information, distraction, and colour coding, so they always know where in their journey they are.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has recently named the Children’s Day Surgery Unit London’s best public sector project. They loved Evelina London’s approach to involving children and families in the unit’s design, from planning the journey a child would take on the day of surgery to creating the child-friendly and welcoming outer space theme.

Thank you, Tony!

The Children’s Day Surgery Unit is made possible thanks to our incredible supporters. We’re so grateful to our superstar fundraiser, Tony Hudgell, as £500,000 of his extraordinary fundraising supported the Unit!

Thanks to supporters like you, we can help Evelina London continue to provide wonderful care for children and young people.