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I am a grant holder

Congratulations on being awarded a grant from Evelina London Children’s Charity!

Here you can find information to support you in managing your grant well.

Your Trust Funding Manager is also here to help – so if you have any questions, please get in touch with them.

Changes happen, and not all projects will go exactly to plan. But it is important to keep us in the loop so we can continue to support you with your grant.

You must let us know if you do anything that goes against the terms and conditions of your grant, if you need to change your budget or the length of your project, and if you are leaving the Trust and/or handing the grant over to someone else.

At the end of your grant, you’ll be asked to give us a case study of a patient or staff member who benefitted from your project. These case studies are vital in making sure we can showcase the great work of our grant-holders, and use these case studies to fundraise for more grants for more great projects.

Have we asked you to fill out a starting certificate, a variation form, an interim report, or a final report? You can read more about these reporting documents below.


Reporting documents

Have we asked you to fill out one of these? Read on for more information about all of our reporting documents.