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Emilia is such an inspirational little girl.

Inspirational Emilia

Emilia was born with a very serious heart defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome with Pulmonary Vein Stenosis. At just seven years old, she has already endured 20 treatments.

Enduring endless tests

When a young child is as poorly as Emilia, the endless tests and treatments can be draining – physically and mentally. Emilia found hospital so traumatic she would get really stressed and upset. Her parents didn’t know how to face their situation.

But the psychological support they received at Evelina London helped them to understand that Emilia’s behaviour was her way of communicating her worries, frustrations and needs.

“All Emilia wanted to do was go home and see her daddy, brother and sister again.”

Rosie Di Giovanna, Emilia’s mum

Managing their daughter’s diagnosis

Emilia is still very poorly. She has a complicated and difficult diagnosis, which is tough for the whole family.

We can’t take the understandable anxiety around Emilia’s situation away – but with your support, we can help families like hers learn to make the most of the time they do have together.

Giving something back

And Emilia is such an inspirational little girl. Even though she is going through so much herself, she wanted to fundraise for Evelina London – and give a little something back.

Emilia is limited physically but can ride her bike for short amounts of time. So earlier this year, she decided to do a sponsored bike ride – a series of short rides with lots of sleep in between to recover.

Emilia amazed us all as she raised a phenomenal £1,600. Will you join Emilia with her fundraising efforts?

Emilia is such an inspirational little girl.

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