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Baby Annabelle at Evelina

Caring for baby Annabelle’s future

Without specialist support, the traumatic effects of life-saving treatment can stay with a child for life. And for the parents, seeing their child in so much distress is understandably difficult.

Healing the hidden trauma       

Baby Annabelle has a type of Congenital Heart Disease called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. It’s so rare that it only affects around one in 5,000 children, and it meant that Annabelle had to undergo five surgeries – the first at just four days old.

Thanks to the incredible expertise of our cardiology team, Annabelle has pulled through each of her surgeries and was finally allowed to go home after eight months in hospital care. But the sleepless nights and endless worry were really tough on her parents. They were in pieces.

It’s vital that parents like Annabelle’s get support to deal with what they’ve been through.


Annabelle with Dad Barry and Mum Christine, at Evelina London

"It was a really scary time. She was so tiny; it was heart-breaking.”

Christine, Annabelle’s mum

Caring for Annabelle’s future

While Annabelle is recovering well, early indications are that her experiences have affected her psychologically. She can’t sleep at night without one of her parents being with her – and as she grows, other effects of her surgery may come to light.

You can help our dedicated team of expert psychologists be there to help children like Annabelle. Your support can help them deal with the ongoing trauma that can be a repercussion of being treated for a serious heart condition.

Dr Aaron Bell sat with Annabelle before the COVID-19 pandemic

“90% of children with a Congenital Heart Disease reach adulthood. Will you help us provide support to even more children as they grow up?”

Dr Aaron Bell, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist, with Annabelle before the pandemic.
Baby Annabelle at Evelina

You can help provide support to children like Annabelle