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Tony Hudgell in the park on crutches

Together, we can do amazing things

Hospital worker poses with equipment

Your gift helps...

  • Make Evelina London feel more like home, with wards that provide a sanctuary for families and a play space for children.
  • Invest in innovative equipment and technology that makes treatment more precise and brings comfort to children and their families – like special illuminating equipment that makes injections easier.
  • Support pioneering research which allows the expert Evelina London team to discover new ways to deliver care – like the ground-breaking 3D MRI scanner that helps diagnose heart problems in babies while they’re still in the womb.
  • Look after the everyday heroes in the Evelina London team, making sure they get the care and support they need – from comfy seats for tired feet in our ‘wellbeing zones’ to trailblazing training.

Donate today and help us fuel incredible care for children, young people and families